Alvim Bio Film

Alvim Biofilm Control


Alvim Srl provides innovative, high technology solutions for biofilm and biofouling monitoring in industrial plants.
3 Sensors for different environment applications are available:
  1. A001S3 probe, for highly corrosive environments, moderate heat and chemical resistance
  2. A003S3 probe, resistant to high temperatures and strong chemical treatments, good corrosion resistance
  3. AS01S3, with hygienic connection to the process, flat surface in contact with the liquid and high resistance to chemical treatments, this model is indicated for applications where hygiene is critical.
  4. AX03S3, ATEX certified, this model is indicated for classified areas and applications where there is a risk of explosion (e.g. Oil&Gas).
The Alvim Sensors offer the following unique points: 
  • Early Warning/ detection of bacterial biofilm growing on pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers and so forth 
  • Optimization of cleaning treatments 
  • Easy to install and easy to operate 
  • Virtually Maintenance Free 
  • Real time continuous biofilm monitoring 
  • High Sensitivity 
  • Modular Scalable system 
Services in the field of Bio-Fouling monitoring and cleaning treatment optimization include:
  • Plant analysis
  • Bio-fouling assessment
  • Real-time biofilm monitoring
  • Biocide and chemicals optimization
  • Consulting and reporting
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