INSTEK CONTROL cc provides strong and innovative solutions, instrumentation and process systems for the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Mining Industries in Sub Saharan Africa. 

With years of experience INSTEK CONTROL cc expanded its product portfolio to distribute products from Anderson-Negele, Alvim, Xecro, Centec and Werne & Thiel. BestUV is one of the latest suppliers on our supplier list.

Capabilities of measurement include, but are not limited to; level, temperature, conductivity, turbidity and magnetic flow measurement, real-time monitoring of bacterial growth, alcohol monitoring, carbonation and nitrogenization measurement, dissolved oxygen measurement, homogenous CO₂ injection. Projects involving De-Aeration, Mixing and Blending, Aeration and Yeast Propagation have been realized with Centec process systems. Proximity sensing products, touch push buttons, programmable LED lights and LED light towers are all included in the Xecro product portfolio. 

INSTEK CONTROL cc acquired the rights to be the sole worldwide distributor for the LTM-2 level probe used for level measurement in the mining and related industries.

As a company, we proudly represent these products and believe that together with our customers we have the adroit to extend these products to the acme of their abilities.

As your link to these products, INSTEK CONTROL cc will ensure that you will, at all times, receive the pinnacle of service and product excellence together with the know-how to implement the product ranges creating an environment where our customers can also achieve the acme of their processes.

At INSTEK CONTROL we believe accuracy determines results!


INSTEK CONTROL cc sees every client as extremely valuable to the Company’s growth and success. Thus, the key to success are exceptional relationships and services to all clients. The company’s Individual members have refined skills to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.

INSTEK CONTROL cc focus on instrumentation, process control and factory automation for the following industries:


Suitable sensors with hygienic 
design and automated yeast 
harvesting using turbidity sensors.


Reliable sensors make a major 
contribution in preventing 
quality fluctuations.


Sensors employed in the 
separation, homogenization 
and pasteurization phases.


In the pharmaceutical industry 
process reliability and 
hygiene are top priority.


Accurate pulp level 
measurement in flotation 
banks, cells and in sumps.


Precision instrumentation in tough environments with robust and dependable solutions.
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