Werne Thiel



Werne & Thiel previously known as Arnold Automation, has been 35 years in the field of moisture measurement techniques, and has specialized in the measurement of moisture in different kinds of materials. 

Walter Werne and Andreas Thiel, are the owners of the “Werne & Thiel sensortechnic”. Formerly employed at Arnold Automation, they acquired this company in 2000. The “Werne & Thiel sensortechnic”, as it is now called, is growing steadily since then. Thousands of our measuring systems are installed worldwide. 

They focused mainly on the Cement and Ready-mix Industries. The company is now growing in further areas of measuring moisture and density contents in different industries.

Industries:  Cement / Ready-mix, Drying Ovens, and Grain
  • Measurement, Weighing Containers, Wood Chips
  • Sand, Dewatered Sewage Sludge, Dried Powder, Wood Pellets
Werne & Thiel Sensors, previously known as Arnold Automation, can also be used in several applications where moisture content or density is measured. This could include dry products such as coffee, milk powder, grain, maize wheat and flour. Virtually any dry product on the market can be measured for moisture content.
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