Anderson Negele

Anderson Negele


Anderson-Negele is a global technology leader, specialising in the development and manufacturing of sensors and measuring equipment for hygienic applications in the food & beverage, dairy, brewery and pharmaceutical industries.
INSTEK CONTROL, as Anderson-Negele's representative in South Africa and Sub Saharan Countries, strive to contribute to our customers success by analyzing each and every customers specific needs in their process production and presenting suitable sensors and measuring instrumentation from Anderson-Negele.

Capabilities of measurement in this product range include but are not limited to; temperature measurement, continuous level measurement, point level measurement, conductivity and turbidity measurement, pressure measurement, turbidity measurement, flow measurement as well as innovative solutions for optimizing customers production process. 

Anderson-Negele provides application specific hygienic sensor solutions and support for safe processing in the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical markets.

Products from Anderson-Negele have certifications which include EHEDG, 3A, BPE design standards and FDA approvals.
With Anderson-Negele's range of products, INSTEK CONTROL is able to provide high accuracy reliable instrumentation to the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry.
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