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By Instek Control 09 Oct, 2017


OLAS (Optical Light Absorption Sensor) Absorptiometry and density measurement. This Sensor (OLAS), fabricated by Werne&Thiel GbR sends light into the material of interest (medium) and makes use of the accurately measured absorption of light to determine the composition of medium.

 With this method not only the composition of water slurries, suspensions and composite materials of all kinds (e.g. cement slurry, chemical pulp, etc.) can be determined, but also the thickness of foils and coatings and much else. Whatever in production, manufacturing or processing results in a change of absorption of light of medium can be measured, monitored and controlled by the OLAS .

 Density measurement in concrete residual water. The development of the OLAS measuring system, an online measuring system, that determines the solid content of concrete recycling water, was initiated years ago. It has been established into a reliable and economic measuring system reaching product maturity. OLAS, named after its functionality namely:  

Optical Light Absorption Sensor, makes use of a sophisticated and modernized infrared absorption measuring method, in which the measurement of light is introduced into the medium through optical fibres.

When desired, OLAS can be supplemented by the OLASTPC (OLAS Touch Panel Controller), an optimal evaluation that functions as a display and control unit that forms a complete measurement system.

 Visit for more information on this exciting product or contact Raymond at 012 998 6326 /

By Instek Control 04 Oct, 2017

Giovanni Battista Venturi “discovered” the venturi effect in 1797, and ever since the Venturi effect have been in use in fluid and airflow mechanics over a range of disciplines ranging from Aeronautics to Farming, and everything in-between.

For the Food and Beverage Industry, Centec GmbH developed the Vortex Injector using the same principle to create arguably the best mixing system for carbonation and mixing of liquids to date.

The working principle is straight forward. Fluid moves through the inlet chamber where it is accelerated and pressurized.

Moving through the mixing chamber there is an immediate pressure drop that opens the liquid and creates a vacuum. This creates conditions for a near perfect fusion of liquids and or gases. The gas or liquid is injected into the product through multiple nozzles around the circumference of the mixing chamber. The homogenous mixing of the products take place instantaneously.

The Centec Vortex Injector is especially designed for the homogeneous mixing of liquids and Gas, e.g. CO2, O2 or N2, with beer, wine, or other beverages.

Because this system is so effective the dissolving times are greatly reduced and the dosing can be done precisely and accurately. It is a proven system implemented in major Breweries, Wineries, and Soft Drink concerns.

The Centec Vortex mixer is a hydrodynamic fitting for the mixing and dispersion of multiple liquids and further applications include additive dosing of liquid ingredients (e.g. flavors, sweeteners, vitamins, colors) to a main stream.

The benefits of the Venturi Vortex Injector are numerous and includes:

·        Instant, homogenous Mixing and additive dosing of liquids and gasses.

·        Designed for each specific application with the unique characteristics of each product and process incorporated.

·        Full CIP Capability

·        Outstanding Price-to-Performance ratio

·        Smaller holding loops and dissolving times resulting in more compact plant designs

·        More accurate dosing ability resulting in material and time savings.

For more information visit VORTEX or contact Raymond +27 12 998 6326 /

By Instek Control 05 Sep, 2017

Bacteria settle among any structure (pipelines, tanks, machinery) in contact with the water in a very short time, if appropriate preventative measurements are not applied. The ALVIM real-time, on line, Biofilm Monitoring System is able to detect bacterial settlement since its first phases (down to 1% of surface covered by micro-organisms such as Legionella pneumophila) and, based on these data, manually or automatically adjust and optimize cleaning treatments / biocide treatments. This way keeping biofilm growth under control.

What is biofilm?

The terms biofilm refers to the layer of micro-organisms (bacteria, diatoms, fungi, etc.) that grows on any surface in contact with water or other liquids. It has been demonstrated that biofilm can grow even in extreme conditions, causing damages that can range from Legionella contamination to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC).

Important advantages of the ALVIM technology compared to other sensors in the market

  1. discriminates between biofilm and other kinds of deposit/fouling (e.g. calcium carbonate, etc.); this is extremely important, since these two different kinds of fouling requires different treatments;
  2. has a very high sensitivity, i.e. detects biofilm initial colonization phase; indeed, many biofilm related problems, such as Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), start as soon as the first bacterial spots appear on a surface.
  3. Early-warning detection of bacterial biofilm growth by measuring the natural electrochemical activity of bacterial biofilm, indicating its real presence and extent in a given moment.
  4. Optimization of cleaning treatments (biocides, disinfectans, ...)
  5. Easy to install, easy to operate
  6. Virtually maintenance-free probe
  7. Real-time, continuous biofilm monitoring

Operating conditions for the NEW ALVIM SENSOR - AX03S3

Temperature: -10<T<+150°C (to monitor biofilm growth: +2<T<+40°C)

Oxygen: >1ppm

Pressure: <10 bar

Conductivity: >30 µs/cm

Data Communication Wiring:  4-20mA and RS485/MODBUS RTU


By Instek Control 15 Aug, 2017
We have exciting and accurate sensor technology that will ensure that products are produced to consistently high standards, and that processes run with optimized efficiency, to consume the least amounts of energy and raw materials.  Our systems and sensors are used in brewery and beverage industries throughout the entire manufacturing process. Centec, one of our suppliers,  stand for comprehensive expertise in the cold process area of the brewery. 

Alcohol Measurement Sensors for the Brewery Industry:

- ALCOHOL MONITOR  measures the content of alcohol (ethanol) in a mixture of water and ethanol. The alcohol measurement is done during the production of beer and beer-based mixed drinks.
- RHOTEC ALC-TAX   allows measuring alcohol during the production, when alcohol content needs to be determined by a certified instrument for reasons of taxation.
- BEER MONITOR  measure simultaneously alcohol and extract during the production of beer and beer-based mixed drinks.

For more information on these sensors, contact Raymond Karsten +27 73 420 3757 / +27 12 998 6326 or click here .
By Instek Control 08 Aug, 2017
Built with flexibility in mind, the ILM can offer multiple outputs freely configurable to multiple conductivity measurements at independent ranges or a combination of conductivity and temperature. Unlike other inductive sensors, the ILM has a fast reacting integral PT1000 sensor that can be used to monitor process temperature eliminating the need for a second temperature sensing device. Available in multiple wiring configurations, the ILM configurable with single cable operation for simple conductivity applications or dual cable operation to utilize all available output and input capabilities. Standard with all models is an operational range from 0 up to 2,000,000 microSiemens/cm and temperature compensation over a range of 0° and 150°C.

Anderson-Negele’s ILM-4 inductive conductivity sensor-transmitter offers an all in one design that makes integration and commissioning a fast and simple task.
  • Rapid temperature response
  • Compactdesign
  • Freely selectableand combinable outputs
  • Modular: Sensor configuration according to your requirements
  • Flexible: Retrofittable extensions

Measurement of conductivity of liquid media for

  • Controlling of CIP processes (e. g. phase separation detergents / water)
  • Concentration measurement (e.g. Alkali and acid concentration in remaking)
  • Monitoring of product quality & quality control
Contact INSTEK CONTROL or  DOWNLOAD DATASHEET HERE  for more information.
By Instek Control 31 Jul, 2017

The L3 Pressure and level transmitter has been designed to measure process pressure or hydrostatic levelin hygienic process applications for the Brewing, Dairy and Food and Beverage Industries. The state-of-the-art temperature compensation reduces errors associated with process temperature changes with improved zero stability reduces sensor interaction. The graphical user interface makes set-up and programming easy by directly aligning to the HARTTM DD menu structure. The field repairable and reconfigurable design allows the user to change the display orientation, add a remote cable, or replace a component in the field without impact to accuracy.

The range of applications includes hydrostatic level measurement in dynamic temperature environments, pressure measurement in pipes and vessels up to 110 °C (230 °F) ·and hydrostatic level, volume and mass measurement in inventory silo’s.


Hygienic design/Process connection

· Use of Negele weld-in sleeve EMZ-352 or build-in system EHG-.../1" results in a hygienic installation situation that is free of gaps and dead space and is easy to sterilize.

· Conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standard 74-06 with DIRECTadapt

· EHEDG compliant hygienic design with CLEANadapt process connection

· CIP-/SIP-cleaning up to 130 °C (266 °F) for 60 minutes max.

· All materials in contact with the product have FDA approval

· Sensor completely made of stainless steel

· Further process connections available through CLEANadapt


For more information on the Anderson-Negele Product range contact INSTEK CONTROL, Raymond Karsten at +27 129986326 / +27 73 420 3757, or visit

By Instek Control 28 Jul, 2017

INSTEK CONTROL cc is celebrating 10 Years in the Import and Distribution of Quality Process Instrumentation.  Looking back and reflecting on 10 years, we at INSTEK CONTROL would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers for their support and loyalty to the brand that has become synonymous with high quality reliable Instrumentation and Processing systems.

Starting out with an Exclusive Distribution agreement with Negele Messtechnik GmbH in 2007, and a dream, INSTEK CONTROL have gone through growth phases, ultimately becoming the dynamic and exciting entity it is currently.

Negele Messtechnik was a start to a much larger picture.  After a Merger with Anderson Instrument Company, the trading name of Negele Messtechnik was changed to Anderson-Negele.

INSTEK CONTROL cc acquired the rights in 2010 to be the sole worldwide distributor for the LTM-2 level probe used for level measurement in the mining and related industries. Raymond Karsten the Managing Member of INSTEK CONTROL cc identified a niche application for this instrument and together with Anderson-Negele adapted this level probe specifically for applications in the mining and related industries to provide accurate level measurement in various difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible-to-measure applications. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, flotation banks, individual flotation cells, concentrate and other sumps.

In 2013 INSTEK CONTROL was awarded Distributorship for Centec GmbH, supplying De-Aeration Plants, Multi Component Mixing systems, Aerators and various other items to the Brewing and Soft Drink Industry.

Xecro, a German manufacturer of Inductive Proximity Sensors, Panel Push Buttons and Capacitive Sensors, Werne & Thiel products for Dry Bulk moisture measurement, also became part of the product portfolio.

In 2015 Alvim BioFilm sensor for the measurement of Biofouling in Pipes joined the portfolio.

In 2017 bestUV, a Dutch manufacturer of UV lamps for Water treatment became part of the Product offering.

With this complete Portfolio, we feel that we can offer you, the customer, the solution you need in your Hygienic Processes to ensure that your product quality is always of the Highest Standards.

We thank you for making this dream become a reality and look forward to another decade of exciting business and growth.

By Instek Control 25 Jul, 2017
The good news is that when investing in reliable processing equipment and instrumentation, it can help you move back in to the land of  MILK & MONEY   by identifying problem areas before losses adds up.  We have the solution to ensure maximum quality all the way to the end product.

For your application in the Dairy Industry , we offer reliable, high quality, Hygienic by Design instrumentation:
  • Overflow protection
  • Dry-Run protection
  • Monitoring process pressure and temperature during homogenization
  • Temperature monitoring during pasteurization and storage
  • Brix Measurement
  • Density & Concentration Measurement
  • Biofilm Measurement
  • Turbidity Measurement
  • Conductivity Measurement
  • Proximity Sensors

INSTEK CONTROL offers fully automated, process systems for various stages throughout the entire manufacturing and CIP processes for the Dairy Industries :
  • Ultraviolet(UV) treatment
  • Water Pre-Treatment – Removal of suspended solids & Bacteria
  • ADos – Additive Dosing
  • Carbonator – Carbonation
  • MultiMixer – Multi Component Mixing
  • FlashPasto – Flash Pasteurization
  • CIP – Cleaning-in-place
  • Unipressure System – Tank Pressure control system
For more information on our product ranges, call our office or email us .

By Instek Control 12 Jul, 2017

Micro-breweries normally are not automated and all their processes are done manually. They don’t have many employees. An estimate of 4000 hectoliters beer per year are produced by Micro-Breweries and they don’t see the point of investing in hygienic or any other instrumentation for their processes.

Lately these facts changed!!
Checking concentration of the cleaning agent in a bottling machine are one of the most important steps, even if you are a Micro Brewery, and very time consuming for a business with a few employees.
A Brew master from one of the Micro-Breweries explained why:  “ If the cleaning agent gets diluted with water, the cleaning of the bottles is not done properly anymore. When that happens, it could take hours until we check again and notice the problem. In the meantime, the filling of bottles of course continues. The bottles which are filled in that period would not be cleaned properly.That would be a huge problem for us. We can't send out bottles if we don’t know exactly that they are clean. Otherwise our reputation could be damaged and very difficult to restore again.”

Therefore they invested in the   ILM-4 Conductivity Meter  from   Anderson-Negele .  

" We installed the ILM-4 in the filling machine and connected an optical and acoustical alarm to it.  So if there is a problem we can see or hear it and immediately stop the filling process."
There is a huge growing market for small local "craft breweries". For those of you who have a bottle filling machine, this application could be interesting as well.   Contact INSTEK CONTROL for more information.

By Instek Control 11 Jul, 2017

XECRO has more than 20 years of experience in the sensor industry. One of the leading companies in inductive and capacitive technology. The organization is regulated in accordance with the strict directives of ISO 9001.   

Due to XECRO's innovations and high standard technology, they are able to produce the thinnest and shortest sensors, quad sensing distances, high pressure, high temperature resistant and ultra metal face proximity switches.

XECRO offers high quality Proximity Sensors, Photo-electric sensors and Panel Push buttons for harsh environments. This product range can be used in numerous applications, from standard proximity sensors to high temperature sensors, ultra-metal face and counting. The unique range of panel switches allow for extreme conditions with integrated switching in harsh environments.  

Not only is XECRO the leader based on product quality and technology, they also bring you competitive pricing!
Instek Control took the opportunity to do a PRICE COMPARISON on commonly used inductive proximity switches.

Contact Instek Control for more information. 

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